5 Ways to calm your nerves to get the most out of the session.


  All the preparation work has been done.  And still a bit nervous about having a photo shoot in your lingerie.  Totally normal by the way.  You may have already noticed a shift from the negative self-talk you may have done once. 

I do ask you to leave all that self-doubt at the door but just in case it starts to creep back in here are 5 ways to calm the nerves.

1. Remember your "why"

 Why you dm’d me or sent me that email in the first place. 

I have placed an easel in the bathroom for you to clip a piece of paper.  You are welcome to write your why down on a piece of paper or an affirmation you can read and and center yourself with a few deep breathes before the photo shoot.

2. Recognise the nerves.

Let me know.  I will be constantly checking in with you. Remember this is your experience and you have control.  

3. Listening to your playlist.

Music and moving.  By now you should have fully read the  boudoir prep guide .  I strongly suggest to create a playlist of your favorite music to play on the day.  By listening to the playlist and practicing the posing before your photo shoot with me is also part of the entire experience.  If you do this you will  create a mind reflex as such and it will decrease that feeling of being out of your comfort zone.  Music increases dopamine levels, which is also released when moving. Dopamine is “the feel good chemical”.

4. Stay present in the moment.

If you feel you are self assessing whilst holding a pose and worried you look weird or not posing correctly.

Let me know. 

Let me tell you a secret if the pose feels awkward you are doing it correctly.   I am manipulating the light to shape your body.  Highlights were we want the viewers eye to go and shadows to create shape. I am finding  the angles to create beautiful images for you.

5. Authenticity is sexy.

So be you. So really you can’t to wrong.

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