Nina K

“Daily if not hourly poster to Instagram stories. So check them out to get to know me a little better.”

Hi my name’s Nina boudoir photographer based in Gladstone.  I started boudoir photography in Darwin after a awesome boudoir photographer told me to try this style.  It didn’t take me long to realise that this genre of photography empowers those that overcome their fears and book a shoot.  It helps those that struggle with self love and body issues. 

As a photographer my goal has always been to create beautiful portraits for clients.  Boudoir photo shoots are more about the whole experience rather than the photos you end up with. These shoots are all about taking time out for yourself.  On the day I want you to be comfortable so you can just be in  that moment. 

I completely understand the nerves and how it can be a little bit daunting.  I will support you through out the process and after the first outfit change you will be noticing a change in how you are moving from each pose with a bit more confidence.  My job is to provide that safe space for you to be able to just be you.

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