Boudoir Model Call

what is a model call

When I advertise for a model call simple I want to use the images for advertising and marketing on my website and social media.


So model calls have a

MUST SIGN MODEL RELEASE CLAUSE. This will be sent via email.

I strongly suggest and urge you to discuss this with significant others so there are no surprises.

You do not have to purchase anything from these sessions.

You will receive the edited high resolution images that will be used in marketing from the shoot.


You will need to organise and pay for your own hair and makeup. 

I work with makeup artists on a regular basis and can recommend an MUA.

Clients will need to bring their own lingerie to the shoot.

The photo shoot is to start by 10 am.

Let's Book your Self Love Session

Please familiarize yourself with everything below before booking your session. Feel free to email me if you have any questions at



boudoir experience

the self love experience


The preparation for a boudoir photoshoot I say is a bit more intense than a normal family shoot. I want to do the best job listening to your fears, managing the nerves and getting some pretty damn fine images of you.



We can meet and have a chat over coffee or on the phone. As well as fill out the questionnaire. A good start is the reading the FAQ

hair and makeup

A big part of the experience is sitting down and having someone apply professional hair and makeup. This can be done in studio or at the MUA's studio. I recommend in the studio as it helps with the nerves.


Before we start we can talk about what style of makeup you like even show us some examples Book a night out after as it will still look great.

hair and makeup

Before we start we can talk about what style of makeup you like even show us some examples Book a night out after as it will still look great.


The most asked question "what do I wear?" You can wear whatever makes you feel sexy. What matches your personality. I do recommend 4 outfits.




I have had over 10 years of experience posing women. I will warn you it is a bit of work out. You will be stretching and arching. I will guide you all the way. In the meantime before the shoot seach on Tik Tok Boudoir posing there are some great tips on there from other boudoir photographers.


viewing of images

On the day of the shoot I will download the images onto the computer. You can leave and go and grab something to eat. Then we can go through and make a selection of images. I will be selecting images that I think best suits my brand.

Viewing of Images


For model calls the clients will receive the edited selected images at high resolution via digital download.



Have a Question?


If you really want to yes but I prefer that you don’t. If you do please a week before hand and very light.

If you have old tan on especially around the feet and elbows please exfoliate before the shoot.  It is easier and faster for me to warm up skin tones than to even out spray tans.

Don’t forget to clean your shoes before you come. Especially the soles
Accessories please bring what you like.
I suggest to pack and overnight bag a couple of day’s before the shoot.

Approximately 2 weeks after the photo shoot. Your images will be available for viewing.

Yes I do, I remove the distractions that we don’t normally see. The goal is you on your best day.

I will not name or tag you in the photos however if you wish to do so that is okay with me. 

The private home based studio is located at Tannum Sands.




Skin Care.
Even though I normally have my focal point on your eyes and that will be the sharpest part of the image some skin preparation is important. Exfoliation and moisturise for one week leading up to the session. No waxing on the face, 2 days beforehand as makeup will not apply to those areas.
On the day please have a clean moisturised face ready for the makeup artist. 

Please let the makeup artist know if you are allergic to any products.

Nails the viewer of the photos eyes will tend to be drawn to where the hands are placed. So having nice nails adds to the images.  Spend money on having nails done before the shoot rather than a spray tan which you would have seen already I have a no tan policy.

Same goes for your hair if you are having your hair styled it must be freshly washed and dried ready to be styled.


The outfits you choose to bring to the session should make you feel sexy.  If that is a one piece lace bodysuit or a soft tee with black boyshorts. What ever it is it should boost your confidence.

Make sure it fits well.

Body Suits – elongate the body and the higher they rise above the hip the longer your legs will appear.  A good tip is to get suits with inbuilt support.

Please bring a minimum of two outfits and a maximum of 4.

We start with the least favourite outfit as you will not be as confident at the start of the shoot and then we change to your favourite and by that time you the nerves will have disappeared.

I’m not really a shoes heels in bed person but bring them along if you are.  Make sure you clean the bottoms of them.

Being confident in front of the camera is what matters and if you feel confident in any kind of lingerie please bring it along. It’s all about you.


Wear loose clothing to the shoot. It takes a bit of time for the skin to recover from tight clothing marks which can require editing.


Lets Get

You’re required to complete the questionnaire.

Sign the model release and contract.

Once all completed you select a session date.  The photo shoot starts at 10 am. 

All must be completed to secure your booking.


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